Our Mission


MISSION STATEMENT: Friends of League City Animal Shelter is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose purpose is to increase the number of adoptions to qualified homes, to recruit and train additional foster home caregivers for animals pending adoption, to promote the spaying and neutering of animals, and to provide volunteer assistance and funding to the League City Animal Shelter to support the humane care and treatment of animals.

Friends of League City Animal Shelter is a all volunteer foster based organization.  All of our adoptable animals are housed and cared for in volunteer’s homes. We depend on donations and adoption fees to continue our compassionate mission.  We strive to show people the quality of animals available from an animal shelter, encourage adoption rather than buying, promote spay/neuter an find our foster animals permanent loving homes.  All of this is in addition to raising the necessary funds to care for the animals and attracting donations of food, medications and supplies.

The League City Animal Shelter Adoption Center is at 2047 West Main, Suite A11, League City, TX 77573, and has adoptable dogs and cats available Sunday and Monday 10AM to 4PM.  The shelter is closed Sunday and Monday.

We are fortunate to be both a PETCO and a PETSMART Adoption Partner.  That enables us to show animals for adoption most Saturdays at the League City PETCO 12-4pm and most Saturdays at the League City PETSMART 11am-3pm.  Additionally wee show animals for adoption most Sundays at the PETCO store located at Bay Area Blvd @ Space Center 11am-3pm.


We bet you didn’t know that …

For every dog and cat in the US today to have a home,

every person in the US would have to own five animals. 

So a family of four would have to have 20 animals. 

For that reason

4 MILLION dogs and cats are put down every year, 

with more than five thousand in Galveston County alone,

simply because there aren’t enough homes. 

Two cats + 7 Yrs = 420,000 kittens.
Two dogs + 6 Yrs = 67,000 puppies

Other parts of the country don’t have the animal overpopulation we have here, partly because their animals don’t breed 12 months a year.  Another factor is that some areas have mandatory  sterilization.  In fact there are parts of the US where they have a shortage of mixed breed dogs. But we don’t have a shortage here.

Every day in the US…

About 10,000 people are born

About 70,000 dogs & cats are born

SPAY/NEUTER your animal before they’re 6 months old