Jul 092014

#106442799 / gettyimages.com Too much time in the sun poses similar health risks for our dogs and cats as it does for ourselves. Like humans, pets can experience sunburns — which not only can be painful, but also can increase risk for certain types of skin cancer. Topically applied sunscreen can protect your pet from the harmful effects of the [READ MORE]

Aug 092013
August 17th is National Homeless Animal Day

Five animal shelters in the area are joining forces to put on the biggest ADOPT-A-THON the area has ever seen.  Paws and Claws Adopt-A-Thon will be held at the League City Civic Center August 17th from 10 AM to 3PM.  That just happens to be National Homeless Animal Day.  There will be hundreds of dogs and cats just waiting to impress [READ MORE]

Apr 132013
Join The Club and Baybrook Mall Donates $1 to Friends!

Through April 30, 2013, Baybrook Mall will donate $1.00 (up to $1,000) to Friends of League City Animal Shelter for every new member of The Club who signs up through us. Visit this link before the deadline, and pass it along: http://www.pages02.net/10338/BaybrookApril2013/