Apr 132013
Join The Club and Baybrook Mall Donates $1 to Friends!

Through April 30, 2013, Baybrook Mall will donate $1.00 (up to $1,000) to Friends of League City Animal Shelter for every new member of The Club who signs up through us. Visit this link before the deadline, and pass it along: http://www.pages02.net/10338/BaybrookApril2013/

Apr 192011
Congrats, Ben!

Benjamin was adopted today! We are sooo exicted! Double congrats! He and Lisa were two of the oldest residents with League City Animal Shelter. Luckily, Camp Bow Wow decided to foster the pair until they found good homes. And can you believe it? They BOTH found their forever homes within this week!

Apr 182011
Training Tip: Stop Digging In My Yard!

By Trelle Dandridge Source: www.muttswithmanners.com I am sure there are plenty of differing opinions on training/teaching a dog not to dig in the yard.  These opinions can be anything from extremely confusing to straight up abusive to your dogs.  I am appalled at what some people do to their dogs in an attempt to “teach their dog not to dig”, [READ MORE]