Mar 152011
Go Orange for Animals Campaign

March 21-25th, 2011 Sponsored by United Space Alliance Bake Sale March 24, 2011 600 Gemini St., in the Cafeteria Email Cynthia Boland to Volunteer How you can help: Donate money, gift certificates or supplies (including much needed towels/sheets/blankets)  in specially-marked boxes  and donation jars or to a POC. Checks are accepted; payable to the animal rescue organization of your choice.  Support the Bake [READ MORE]

Mar 132011
Texas guard dogs keep predators out of zoo

By GHENI PLATENBURG Victoria Advocate March 13, 2011 Source: The Houston Chronicle VICTORIA, Texas — For the Texas Zoo’s new night security guards, chasing off hungry raccoons and co-existing with squawking guinea hens are all just a part of a day’s work. Sarge and Jazz, who are a brother and sister pair of Great Pyrenees, recently started their jobs as [READ MORE]