Wish List


Tax Deductible Monetary donations to the Friends of League City Animal Shelter are used mostly to purchase vaccinations, medications, and veterinary care.  100% of the money collected goes to the animals since all administrative costs are underwritten.                        

For more information contact Monica Millican at 281 333-1020 x 17 or  at mmillican@primelending.com.     

We will accept open containers of dry food, cat litter, cleaning supplies, etc.

cat Cat Litter
 Regular clay cat litter for Shelter kitties; Scooping cat litter for kitties in foster care with volunteers.

Canned Food (Dog, Puppy, Cat & Kitten)
Animals are stressed in a Shelter environment, and need Canned Food to stimulate their appetite or they may quit eating.  Many of our animals are very young and are barely of weaned from their mother, so canned food daily is essential to their survival. So we need kitten, puppy, cat and dog canned food.   

Dry Food (Puppy and Kitten)
If you’ve bought a new food for your pet and they don’t like it, bring it to us.  We will accept open containers as long as the product is wholesome and can be used.  This includes cat litter, prescription food from your vet, most anything pet related.

 ADVANTAGE Flea Medicine 
Dog/Cat Any Size  This for fleas because who wants to adopt a new pet with fleas not to mention they cause worms.

Puppy & Kitten Milk Replacers
Such as Just Born, KMR and Esbilac , for orphan kittens and puppies that need to be bottle-fed. This gets expensive, and it is a burden for some foster parents to cover the cost of this formula.

Animal Collars/Harnesses

No slick ads. Just the actual newspaper, please.

Animal clipper/shaver/shampoo

 Blankets/Pet Beds
The concrete gets mighty cold!

Bath Towels/ Small rugs
It’s ok if they are stained, have small holes, or are a little frayed on the edges.

 Plastic/Rubber Cat/Dog Toys
In a shelter environment everything must be washable so it can be sanitized to keep from spreading germs and illnesses.

 New or gently used pet supplies. 
Cage/Crates, carriers, litter box, bowls, toys, bedding that can be washed, shampoo, medicines, prescription food, just about anything pet related.

 Cleaning supplies
Antibacterial Fantastik, Clorox Clean Up, Bleach, Laundry Soap, and dish soap.   We will accept open containers of these items as long as they are still fresh and usable.  Movers will not move theses items so  people throw them away, don’t we can use them.

 Cardboard trays/boxes
Shallow box lids,1.5″-2.5″ to be used for litter boxes. 

 Medications your pet no longer needs