Can’t adopt?  You can still help the dogs and cats.

You can help the Friends by spreading the word about all of the highly adoptable dogs and cats we have available.

Below is a list of suggestions you can do to help our adoptables find their forever homes.

1. Print out the following flyers and post them to your social media site, post them at your workplace, church, community center, grocery store, etc., and forward them to your friends .  The more exposure we can get the animals the more adoptions and the more lives saved.

2. Become a Fan

3. Fundraising

  • Fundraising Ideas
  • RANDALLS Good Neighbor Donations
    We have signed up and our number is 12374.  Go to the courtesy booth and link your Randall’s card to the Friends organization number and we will receive donations from them based on the cumulative purchases of our members.  Encourage everyone else you know to do the same for the animals.
  • KROGER Neighbor to Neighbor Donations | Printable Customer Letter
    I have attached the form for you to link your Kroger Plus card to the Friends.  You will need to give the attached sheet to the checker for them to scan.  You have to do this one a year.  Once scanned the animals will receive donations based on the cumulative purchases of our members.  Encourage everyone else you know to do the same for the animals.
    Can be turned into money for the animals.  Go to www.WirelessFundraiser.com.   Under Choose a Category select ANIMALS.  Then select Friends of League City Animal Shelter.  You complete the form and print your postage paid label to send in the phones.  Consider doing a “phone drive” at your office, church or other group.

4. Become a Volunteer

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Improve the Web Site for the Friends
  • Post items to Craig’s List and EBay so we can sell the remaining inventory from the Pet Boutique
  • Take pictures and edit them for posting to Petfinder
  • Get schedules for, and submit adoptable animal’s photos to various local newsletters, the Citizen, Greensheet
  • Build an email data base of animal rescue organizations, press release sources, and veterinarians in the area
  • Create Witty and charming descriptions for our adoptable animals
  • Organize the Junior Volunteer Program for the Shelter.  We have 52 people who have expressed an interest in a Junior
  • Volunteer program.  They can be wonderful ambassadors in the community
  • Write Guest Columns for the papers on the benefits of sterilizing your pets, adopting from a shelter, etc.

5. Foster a Pet