Galveston County Dog Park Support


Help Us Rally for A Dog Park in Galveston County!

The Galveston County Parks and Senior Services Park Planning Division wants to be sure the park meets what the community wants and desires so they are wanting interested parties to complete a survey of wants and don’t wants, likes and dislikes in hopes of making this the most outstanding dog park possible. Commissioners want to see the county parks “utilized” and that’s why it’s so important to show them with the survey how much interest there is in this Dog Park and that it will be utilized by lots community people.

Complete the survey and encourage as many other dog lovers to send in theirs as well.  This is very important and we want as much input as possible to show them the community support it.  Good News, Republic Waste donated $6,000 for park improvement! Hopefully, this will give the county what it needs to begin park improvement, including the Dog Parks!

Please download the form, complete it and mail or email it to Paul Wierzbicki at the address that is located at the bottom of the form. We thank you for all of your support for helping make our community truly for everyone!

Dog Park Citizen Input Survey