Fostering Policies & Procedures


All fosters are required to abide by the following policies and procedures set by the League City Animal Shelter. Failure to do so may result in termination of services or other penalties.

cat A foster volunteer will identify the type of animal they would like to foster i.e. puppies, large or small dogs, cats, etc.  LCAS will make the final decision, which animals are to be placed in foster. 

cat LCAS will contact you when an animal is in need of fostering.  If you are able to foster that animal, the animal will be ready for pickup along with necessary supplies at a designated area.  The animal must be picked up within the time frame agreed.

cat Animals placed in foster will not have known life-threatening illnesses.   
cat If there is an emergency, please contact the LCAS or bring the animal to the shelter.  If the foster chooses to go to a personal vet instead of returning the animal to LCAS, LCAS will not be responsible for any monetary reimbursement.

cat All foster animals must be returned for adoption. Every effort will be made to adopt all animals; however, if the animal begins to exhibit any aggressive behavior the animal may be euthanized.

cat Fosters are required to take a mandatory 1-month (or longer if needed) break from fostering after one year.  All foster volunteers can take a short break at any time when needed. Please inform LCAS when you will be returning animals so they can allocate space.  

cat No foster volunteer can foster more than the number of animals that LCAS thinks that you are able to handle at any given time. 

cat All private pets must be up to date on all shot records before a volunteer can foster.

cat Foster animals are the sole property of LCAS and will not be adopted or given to anyone without the permission of LCAS.

cat If terminated from the Foster Program and have possession of a foster animal, the animal must be returned to LCAS immediately.