Fostering Qualifications


To be a successful foster parent, you will need a compassionate nature, the cooperation of your family or roommates, flexibility, and some knowledge of animal behavior.  You also must understand that there is a possibility that the foster animal may or may not be adopted when returned.

The length of time a foster animal may stay in your home varies with the animal’s situation.  There is no average stay. 
All foster homes must be approved by League City Animal Shelter (LCAS).

To be approved you must…

  • Complete a short orientation and be a LCAS volunteer for 30 days.
  • Complete a Foster Application.

The LCAS may conduct a home visit prior to receiving the first foster animal. LCAS also approves all animals for foster.  Our foster animals must be housed in a stress-free, climate controlled environment.   

You must not simultaneously foster for any other organization other than the LCAS.

Fostering Information   Foster Agreement


When to bring back your foster animals

Sometimes it is difficult to predict the exact date for when foster animals will be ready for adoption.  Several factors contribute to this decision:

1. Did the puppies/kittens gain enough weight?

2. Are the animals healthy and recovered fully from the illness?

3. Are they weaned from their mother?

4. Have then been successfully socialized?

5. Is there room at adoption?

Because of these variables, the foster animals may not be ready for adoption by the date on your foster home contract.  Use your judgment and discuss them with the lead volunteer.  Once you feel your animals are ready to show for adoption you will bring them to the shelter every Saturday at 10:00AM and pick them up between 4:30-5:00 PM.  This procedure will be followed until the animals are adopted or returned to the shelter permanently.  If the volunteer in charge does not feel the animals are ready to show for adoption, you will take the animals back home for a specified number of days and have them rechecked.  Your flexibility is most appreciated! 

In the event you need to return your animals (temporarily or permanently), please call LCAS to make an appointment to have your animals returned.  This will allow them to prepare space for the returning animals.